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israel and turkey. hillary clinton and joe biden sharing the same stage and trying to quiet all that talk about their 12016 competition. >> vice president biden and i have worked together on so many important issues. i know what a personal victory it was to see him to see the violence against women act reauthorized last month. >> there's no woman like hillary clinton. hj hj -- and that's a fact. >> with gun legislation stalled, president obama hits the road today, colorado tries to boost public support, as a new poll shows, one in six americans want stricter gun laws. >>> from the appalachian trail to the comeback trail. in victory former governor mark sanford thanks the woman he ran off with, now his fiancee. >> i thank you, is guess to my fiancee for her long suffering, as she put up with me being on the road for more than just a few months. >>> it is official, 24 hours after a mutual tease on late night, nbc has just announced jimmy fallon will be replacing jay leno after his 22 years in the chair of that iconic program. in addition, the show will move to new york, and will be executiv
closely with. hillary clinton is reemerging a bit more this week. she's got two big speeches, tonight, vital voices the organization she found and friday, women in the world and she's going to be out on the lecture circuit, she's writing a book. what does this tell you, if anything, about where her head is now? a month or two out of public office? >> nothing specific, andrea. i think it tells you that hillary clinton is going to have an active life regardless of whether she chooses to go back into elective office. hillary clinton is going to push for the issues she believes in, either as hillary clinton private citizen, former senator, former secretary of state, former first lady. or as a candidate for president. but you'll hear from hillary clinton either way. i truly believe that hillary clinton hasn't made up her mind. we hillary clintonites may have made up our minds about what she should do, but i don't think she's made up hers, yet. >> what do you do if it becomes hillary versus joe biden. he'll be on the stage with her tonight at the kennedy center. >> i think most of us care v
presidential ticket after hillary clinton and vice president joe biden spoke at the same awards ceremony last night. tracie potts joins us from washington with details and the speculation. all kinds of speculation this morning. >> especially about hillary clinton. good morning. she comes with an impressive resume, former first lady, secretary of state. it's politics, until she says no, absolutely no, the answer could be yes. sharing the stage, hillary clinton and the vice president complimented each other. >> there's no woman like hillary clinton. hillary clinton, that's a fact. >> the vice president, biden and i worked together on so many important issues. >> reporter: their mere presence together, her first since stepping down as secretary of state is fueling questions about whether either may run for president in 2016. >> it's joe biden waiting to see what hillary clinton is going to do. if she gets in, it's going to be difficult for him to make the race. >> reporter: both can draw big cash. clinton has two things biden doesn't, higher favoribility ratings, 67% to 48% and a new political a
us live. >>> plus, here she comes. hillary clinton makes her first pub electric appearance in two months and it has the gop shaking in their boots. >>> and 45 years ago tonight, dr. martin luther king gave the final speech of his life, the mountaintop speech. why it still inspires us today. stay with us. >>> have you joined the "politicsnation" conversation on facebook yet? we hope you will. everybody was talking about president obama's decision to give back 5% of his pay to stand in solidarity with federal workers facing furloughs because of automatic budget cuts. terry says, "it's a gesture that shows he cares about people." craig says, "i'd rather have no furloughs." i agree. vincent says, "congress should follow his lead." that's not a bad idea. >>> coming up, more on selling the president's agenda. but first, we want you to join the "politicsnation" conversation. please head over to facebook and "like" us to join our community and get all of the latest news even after the show ends. >>> president obama's taking the fight for his agenda to the people. three months into his new
, hillary clinton and joe biden going at it, making speeches and generating a lot of happy speculation on the center and center left. they got a new poll out that's going to tell us all about 2016. >>> also, why mark sanford could be the only republican capable of losing south carolina's open house seat to elizabeth colbert bush. stephen colbert's sister. why colbert bush might not hold that seat for very long, of course. >>> this just in from quinnipiac. 24% of republicans now believe president obama is the antichrist. that puts things in perspective. doesn't it? 33% saddam hussein actually hit us on 9/11. 53% of republicans say global warming is a hoax. not just wrong, but a hoax. before you get too smug, democrats believe some weird stuff, too. we'll get to that. the truthers are out there, too. >>> yesterday it was radio talk show host who found a way to link gay marriage and trouble in korea. today we bring you the texas congressman. louie gohmert connects gay marriage and limiting magazine capacities in guns. you are our side show. this is "hardball," the place for politics. t an
. this "war room" isn't wasting any time sizing up the candidates. last night hillary clinton and vice president joe biden shared the stage. we were watching for the 1,315 chance that politics might seep into the room. >> there's no woman like hillary clinton. [ cheers and applause ] >> hillary clinton -- that's a fact. >> vice president biden and i have worked together on so many important issues, and one that is particularly close to his heart is the fight against domestic violence. >> michael: all kind words for each other. obviously clinton still has that diplomatic touch. over on the republican side quinnipiac university repieced a poll showing florida senator, marco rubio leading the republican field, followed by congressman paul ryan rand paul, and chris christie found out the top four. we were a bit disappointed, of course not to see mitt romney on that list. joining me now to break down the role 2016 politics is playing in today's debates is christine pelosi, chair of the california democratic party women's caucus. also with us is democratic strategist, tad
chris matthews with "hardball" is next. >>> hillary clinton. it's about time. let's play "hardball." >>> good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. let me start tonight with this. i remember when general eisenhower ran for president. i was sitting in a movie theater. my tad dad was sitting to my right. is he president, i asked, about to get on a plane? no, dad said, but he will be. nobody outside of incumbent presidents and not even some of them has in all the years since enjoyed such a commanding position going into a presidential cycle as hillary clinton. the number one reason is that her candidacy would be not just a campaign, but in a very powerful way, a movement. she is the world's most celebrated woman leader by far. she has made women issues an important part of her agenda and she, hillary clinton, came close to winning the nomination five years ago. many followers are still out there, more committed than ever she'll win in this time. let me add an obvious. there are many women my age and older who have spent their lives voting for men of uneven quality, uneven charact
be our next president? the return of hillary clinton, next. i think ford service is great, but i wondered what a customer thought? describe the first me you met. you brought the flex in... as soon as i met fiona and i was describing the problem we were having with our rear brakes, she immediately triaged the situation, knew exactly what was wrong with it, the car was diagnosed properly, it was fixed correctly i have confidence knowing that if i take to ford it's going to be done correctly with the right parts and the right people. get a free brake inspection and brake pads installed for just 49.95 after rebates when you use the ford service credit card. did you tell him to say all of that? no, he's right though... former san francisco knov gov mark sanford will face the sister of stevy cobear. he resigned as head of the republican governor's association after an extra marit alaffair and he did not step down as governor as was suggested last night. >> the opening of the george w. bush library. it is the first time since 2009 they will all get together . one person who may be joining that c
to be here today. i would like to express my appreciation to president clinton, chelsea clinton, for bringing to the forefront these important issues, mental health and addiction, which, as dr. satcher said, are so clearly related. there is so much i want you to know today about addiction. i could speak about the facts all day. .ut today i am here as a father i speak to you as a father. if you leave here today knowing just one thing, i would like you to know about my son brian. brian was from the beginning of every loving child who always cared about others carried but he also struggled. he struggled with anxiety and he struggled with add. he was the last to be picked for soccer. but he was the first to crawl under a fence at yankee stadium to give a homeless person a quarter. which he did when he was eight years old. that was brian. as a teenager, as many of our kids do, he tried marijuana. use escalated, his mother and i tried absolutely therapeutic- boarding schools, the best rehabs in the country. his hardest, too. he even made it to college. but unfortunately, addiction is a harsh and un
for the first time since when i was in the white house with president clinton and was a point person for passing both the brady bill and assault weapon ban that we have the opportunity actually on making progress on getting sound, comprehensive gun control legislation that worked with policing, prevention programs, and encouraging strong parenting. >> lastly, mr. mayor, i'd be remiss if i didn't ask you, former secretary of state hillary clinton is speaking this evening and it's garnering a lot of media attention and buzz. she is the power player if she decides to run for president. do you think she is beatable if she runs for the democratic nomination? could anyone beat her? >> well, i think that's way ahead of yourself, jake. fwhau would -- but that would not be the first time anybody in the media got ahead of themselves. she'll speak. she has a lot of excitement. you know how close i am to the clintons. no doubt she has a lot to offer if she decides to do that. there is no doubt both on her record as former first lady, secretary of state, senator, from the state of new york, she has a lot to
sharing the stage, hillary clinton and the vice president complimented each other. >> there's no woman like hillary clinton. hillary clinton, that's a fact. >> reporter: vice president biden and i have worked together on so many important issues. >> reporter: but their mere presence together, her first since stepping down as secretary of state is fueling questions about whether either may run for president in 2016. >> more than anyone in the united states, it's joe biden who's waiting to see what hillary clinton's going to do because if she gets in, it's going to be very difficult for him to make the race. >> reporter: both can draw big cash, but clinton has two things biden doesn't, higher favorability rating, 67% to 48%. in january's "washington post" poll and a new political action committee. >> 2016. >> hillary! >> supporters rallied outside the event. their website went live tuesday. >> politics is always an open competition, but i have no position on any of this. >> reporter: that was january. but the woman clinton honored at tuesday's vital voices global leadership aw
another story for you. not to get ahead of ourselves, the 2016 race. hillary clinton delivered her first speech since leaving the state department. she was honoring her former chief of staff at a leadership award. it's an organization she created as first lady in 1997. she laid out her map for women. >> maps can tell us as much about ourselves as about the world around us. now you can look at a map of the world and see nothing but problems as far as the eye can perceive. that is especially true for those of us committed to the trug l for women and girls. it's not what we see. when we look at the map, we do see progress because we know people who are making that progress against the most extraordinary odds every day, everywhere. we see the opportunities that are there to be seized. we see, we hear those vital voices. >> it's worth noting that dozens of people held signs saying ready for hillary outside the kennedy center. it's where the event was held. a superpac supporting clinton is back as well. vice president biden, mike, a potential candidate was on hand. clinton congratulated him fo
me, i worked for president clinton and i worked there at the time president clinton was being -- by republican congress. and i remember the vitriol coming from newt gingrich and the self-righteous republicans to the president. i invite all the republicans who criticized president clinton to support mark sanford and to say how he's somehow different i. look forward to hearing how the republicans at a national level rally around this guy. come on, give me a break! this is actually an example of duplicity, of how one party looking at an opposing party's president will say one thing and looking at their own candidate will say another. it's shocking. >> it's shocking. susan, you're shaking your head. >> i don't see the comparison between what he's talking about when people went after bill clinton. bill clinton part of the problem is he didn't address it head-on, and he did get caught up in it. and while i understand the point about, you know, criticizing, i don't see how that changes what mark sanford was able to do in kind of getting a second chance. >> well, the obvious thing her
to talk about 2016. >> to be back again is a privilege. >> hillary clinton's return to public life last night. >> when i became secretary of state we put women on the agenda. >> hillary clinton rested and ready. what happened to six months off. >> cue the beginning of borderline absurd coverage. >> there's no woman like hillary clinton. >> she shared the stage with a potential future rival. >> everybody is wondering what she's going to do. >> 2016 is a long time from now. >> three years out, don't know what could happen. >>> today, president obama took his push for gun and ammunition control to denver just a few miles from the aurora, colorado movie theater where a gunman fired 76 rounds of ammunition, murdering 12, injuring 58. using weaponry the president would like to ban. in his speech, president obama pointed out that this has been more than 100 days since the massacre in newtown, connecticut. in that time more than 2,000 americans have been killed by guns. >> if we're going to really tackle this problem seriously, we have to get congress to take the next step. and as soon as next
. [applause] >> thank you all. it is an honor and pleasure to be with you, and i am grateful to the clinton foundation for their leadership here. in 1971, i was a medical student. jeff was 8 years old. he was my patient. he did not make it to nine. he had acute leukemia. he was the first child that i ever sat with as he died, and i think of him very often. .oday, he would live of full, gleaming majesty medical technology would come to his side. chemotherapy, radiation, bone marrow transplant. he would someday see his grandchildren. it would be a miracle. when i was a young doctor in training, every kid i saw with leukemia died. now they almost all live. we can transplant livers and lungs. we can control aids. we can fix congenital heart defects that would have killed their victims just a few decades ago. bravo. we need these miracles and we should never, ever stop pursuing them, but let's look at some numbers. this year, 2000 kids will have leukemia. every single one of them deserves a miracle, no doubt. 215,000 kids will have diabetes. 7.1 million kids will have as much. 12.5 million kids
hillary clinton asking the question on everyone's mind, what's next for hillary clinton? no one knows the answer yet. well, you can say that, will she or won't she? we do know one thing. she's back in the public eye very much so this week. talking about work still needing to be done. let's listen to her today, this morning, in fact. >> this truly is the unfinished business of the 21st century, and it is the work we are called to do. i look forward to become your partner in all the days and years ahead. let's keep fighting for opportunity and dignity. let's keep fighting for freedom and equality. let's keep fighting for full participation. and let's keep telling the world over and over again that, yes, women's rights are human rights and human rights are women's rights. once and for all. thank you, all, so much. >> actually by the way, this morning we got a copy of hillary clinton's remarks to the "daily beast" which had her saying, should be a partner. here's where she changed it in the written version from the written to the spoken, and champion in the days and years ahead. she left
first lady, hillary clinton, running or not? we have seen lots of hockeying for position on the republican side but it seems democrats are holding off until she makes her choice. while they wait, hillary clinton is returning to the speaking circuit two big events this week, new york, washington. but reports are her first paid speech will be april 24th at the national multihousing council in dallas. let me bring in amy holmes, anchor of "real news" at the blaze and danielle from the center for american progress. good morning to see both of you. >> good morning. >> "the new york times" reports that hillary clinton has a small staff, a half a dozen people running her transition office, not really a problem to pay them out of her pocket, considering the clintons have assets of something like $14 million writing another book about her time at the state department, she makes some money with that, with her speeches but danielle, how calculated does she have to be about the speeches and the projects she's choosing, just in case she decides to run? >> well, i think even if she was
in that impeachment crisis in the same way hillary clinton was to bill clinton during the more recent impeachment. i was in washington during the impeachment in order to produce tv shows. we did a nightly show for msnbc that covered the events of the day in the senate and tremendous detail. when i read about what had been in the johnson presidency, i was struck by the similarities between hillary and allies. she had been a war refugee. i don't know if you know much about the johnson presidency, but her husband was one of the few southern senators who was loyal to link in and in reward for that, lincoln first gave him a territorial governorship and later made him vice president. unfortunately for eliza johnson, at the time he was first made a territorial governor, she was in confederate occupied territory in tennessee and for a period of two months, she tried to get across the lines. her family was sleeping byington on the roadside and get up to our knees only to be turned back a confederate commanders and find another way through and eventually she managed to reunite with her has been. a tough woman
. >> hillary clinton appears for the first time since stepping down as secretary of state and an effort underway to get her to run for president. >> michael jackson's doctor speaks out from prison and a claim he is making of his role in the pop singer's >> los altos, petaluma, and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back, everyone, thanks for joining us. just turned 5:12 on wednesday morning. this is a live picture from the roof camera with the embarcardero in the foreground and bay bridge in the background. it is 54 in san francisco. mike nicco will have the full forecast and leyla gulen with the traffic to let you know where the fog is the worst. >> hillary clinton is back in the spotlight stepping out of the shadows with a major speech last night. this morning, new questions. did the road to 2016 begin on the stage? we go to washington, dc, with the latest. >> good morning, she spent 22 years in national politics and took a two month break and now is going on tour to talk about her career. >> i introduce hillary clinton. >> she is back in the spot light and stirring up talk o
or developed an interest in policy and ran for office successfully? >> guest: bill clinton is the most obvious example. he writes in his memoir sometime in his 16th year he decided politics is a real calling for him. at that point he became cognizant of the idea he wanted to run and began looking for opportunities. when he was in his early 20s then there's the congressional seat in arkansas figured that would be a good time and even if he lost that race there is still be a good shot that he would perform well enough not to ruin his political career. sure enough he lost the race, but ultimately randa became president. >> host: somebody loses their first race, how much of a turnout to them? >> guest: i don't think it's that much of a turnoff. i'm interested in why people do it in the first place. i ran for congress in rhode island second congressional district and i last and when i can say is it's an amazing mix of sadness people who throw their hats into the ring to it because you're so passionate about the issues, so interested in making a difference in the campaign itself is so exhilarating,
documentary's online. >> -- you can see all the winning documentary's online. >> chelsea clinton is a board member. the panel talks about social factors that affect people's health and ways to lower costs are taking preventative measures. we will hear first from singer and actress barbra streisand. this is one hour. [applause] .> thank you start with potato chips. americans spend $7 billion a year on potato chips. we spend $73. -- we spend $73 billion on soft drinks. we spend $110 billion on fast foods. not only does that contribute to heart disease, but our country can only find a fraction nova -- of that to spend on research to combat it. the nih invests less than 3% of its budget on heart disease. 30% of the population dies from it. most people are not aware of these stocks -- facts. women die of breast cancer each year. that is compared to around 455,000 women who die of heart disease. i became committed to doing this work in 2007 when i learned that heart disease is the number-one killer of women in the world. it kills more women than men, and it kills more women than all cancers combi
buses to the hospital. >>> hillary rodham clinton will give her first paid speech since leaving office. former hillary rodham clinton is scheduled to give her first announcement and she could earn a six figure payment for an appearance former president bill clinton has made $08,000 since leaving the white house. >>> more than 3 5,000 people are expected in the white house. this foes pack besides the egg role, and live music for some mid-term election fundraising. the president will spend the night in san francisco and on thursday he will attend another one in atmospherer on it. he -- atmosphere they are tonight and he's -- atherton. >> in case you i don't know it, you tube is getting into the spirit. >> after eight amazing years... >> they said it was time to upload the videos and select a winner. it went on to say it would delete all the videos and go dark but we checked and you tube's videos are still there. april fools. >>> the man who won $238 million is due in court for unpaid child support payments. he has paid the money he owes and now he is helping neighbors pay their rent. >>
of a sudden, barack obama is looking a lot like bill clinton going into the last two years of his term. >> some people would argue that we have a majority leader called mitch mcconnell because he is steamrolling harry reid. >>> coming up, nothing gets the 2016 talk percolating like a front-page sunday "times" piece on hillary clinton. before the former madam secretary theoretically prepares for iowa, she has a few things to figure out. stay top of mind with customers? from deals that bring them in with an offer... to social media promotions that turn fans into customers... to events that engage and create buzz... to e-mails that keep loyal customers coming back, our easy-to-use tools will keep you in front of your customers. see what's right for you at >>> during his state of the union address, president obama raised the hope of sol environmentalists by vowing action on climate change and energy reform. >> in congress won't act soon to protect future generations, i will. i will direct, i will direct my cabinet to come up with executive actions we can take now a
to japan? >>> and two months since leaving the state department, hillary clinton about to reemerge this week, we'll tell you what other 2016 possible candidate will appear with her tomorrow. no it isn't leon panetta. and kick off our women in the world series with "newsweek" and "daily beast" editor in chief, tina brown. >>> plus let the good times roll, the 135th easter egg roll at the white house. as the president and first family throw a party for more than 35,000 children of all ages on the south lawn. it is wonderful to see all of you, welcome, you guys brought the great weather. >> today we want you to have a great time. we want you to run around, we want you to go over and see the white house gardens. >> but hoops time with the basketball editor in chief doesn't go so well. reports are he was only 2 for 22. >> and thankfully, on the mend -- an encouraging sign as louisville guard, kevin ware comes through surgery successfully. and the team hopes can even join them in his hometown of atlanta next weekend as the cardinals play in the final four. and good day, i'm andrea mitche
to be taken in by school buses to the hospital. >>> hillary rodham clinton will give her first paid speech since leaving office. former hillary rodham clinton is scheduled to give her first announcement and she could earn a six figure payment for an appearance former president bill clinton has made $08,000 since leaving the white house. >>> more than 3 5,000 people are expected in the white house. this foes pack besides the egg role, and live music for some mid-term election fundraising. the president will spend the night in san francisco and on thursday he will attend another one in atmospherer on it. he -- atmosphere they are tonight and he's -- atherton. >> in case you i don't know it, you tube is getting into the spirit. >> after eight amazing years... >> they said it was time to upload the videos and select a winner. it went on to say it would delete all the videos and go dark but we checked and you tube's videos are still there. april fools. >>> the man who won $238 million is due in court for unpaid child support payments. he has paid the money he
polls. a new hillary clinton speech today emerging matchups for the next presidential election. it's all coming for the junkies now. >>> don't want democrats to vote? republicans in north carolina figured out a way to keep students at unc and other places from casting ballots in their own state. you know how they're going to do it? race mom and dad's taxes. >>> the argument of the national rifle association. you won't believe their worst argument, and they're making it. boris earns unlimited rewards for his small business. can i get the smith contract, please? thank you. that's three new paper shredders. [ boris ] put 'em on my spark card. [ garth ] boris' small business earns 2% cash back on every purchase every day. great businesses deserve unlimited rewards. read back the chicken's testimony, please. "buk, buk, bukka!" [ male announcer ] get the spark business card from capital one and earn unlimited rewards. choose 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase every day. told you i'd get half. what's in your wallet? otherworldly things. but there are some things i've never seen befo
of state hillary clinton. >> jon: hillary clinton. didn't she do that 20 years ago? is there any else you are in favor of you are stul mulling over. hillary clinton as changed her mind. albanians should be allowed to drive. [laughter] sax by chambliss may not get what it's like to be exclude but i'm guessing hillary clinton has faced her share of discrimination. how did it take to long and how is this guy not there? >> just because i believe states should have the right to define marriage in a traditional way does not make me a bigot. >> jon: okay. first of all. um, is there a time when this guy doesn't appear to be desperately thirsty? i feel like he must have a prespeech ritual where he lick priscutto. he has a made. believing it should be left to the state doesn't make you a bigot but believing the states should define it as traditional marriage that does. let's turn to the new rising star dr. ben carson. >> marriage is between a man and a woman. no group be they gays, be they nambla, be they people who believe in bestiality. it doesn't matter what they are. >> jon: let me stop you rig
about other peoples opinions of gay marriage. this is what he said about clinton signing the defense of marriage act in '96 but coming out in favor of gay marriage now. >> when he signed it, it wasn't a big deal. now it's a big deal. he changes. you know, i'm sorry. bill clinton -- you're a phony, bill clinton. you're a phony. >> stephen: yeah, what a phony. but bill o'reilly's no phony, and that's what's shaken me to my core. [laughter] 'cuz if bill o'reilly is now pro-gay marriage, and isn't a flip-flopper like bill clinton, then back when he said gay marriage was like marrying a goat, he was really telling us that he's pro-goat marriage. [laughter] goat, this is bill. [laughter] goat. now, before any of you judge the [laughter] [cheers and applause] i know this shocking but before any of you judge the o'reillys -- i, too, used to condemn man-goat love -- the love that dare not "mehhh" it's name -- but, like so many americans, i now know someone who bypassed and went straight to the petting zoo. [laughter] and please don't reduce this to just a sexual relationship. don't
>>> i'm not sure it's entirely correct to say hillary clinton is back. but she's definitely tiptoeing onto the public stage. after logging over 956,000 miles as secretary of state, clinton has been on a well-deserved vacation. that ended last night with her first major public appearance as a private citizen. clinton headlines a gala for a human rights organization at the kennedy center flanked by her potential presidential rival, joe biden. political junkies relished seeing the two of them on stage today. clinton skipped last year's democratic convention. even if clinton is considering heading back into politics, she has every incentive to wait as long as possible. let's spin. the first thing you hear about hillary clinton right now is she has record high approval numbers. but the bigger story is they always drop when she goes into campaigns. that makes sense. she was up in the 50s, low 60s at times at first lady. dropped when she went to become a new york senate candidate. went up proving herself in government and dropped as a presidential candidate. there's no reason for h
to talk about 2016, you better get over it. every time joe biden and hillary clinton walk into the room, that's the only thing anybody talks about. what's what happened last night. good morning from washington, it's wednesday, april 3rd. a jack packed edition. which one of you opens on thursday. go to send it in. let's get right to the first read of the morning. with gun legislation stalled, president obama heads to denver to tell congress to act more like colorado. a state with a long tradition of gun rights that expanded background checks to all private gun sales and place restrictions on high capacity magazines. the president will speak before heading to san francisco for four fund-raisers tonight and tomorrow. just miles from the movie theater, the president will take his message to connecticut where families of the newtown shooting have been invited to join him. jay carney was peppered with questions about whether momentum for restrictions is stalled because the president has not been involved enough on this issue. i have a list of everything the president and vice presidency has d
, is that it doesn't take much to start a conversation about hillary clinton's presidential ambitions. that shouldn't be a surprise, a reminder how easily she can dominate a political news cycle. in fact, moments from now, giving her second high-profile speech in a week. this time at the women in the world summit in new york. every time clinton steps on stage, the obsessive speculation about hir political future follows. clinton world is highly aware of that and carefully orchestrated its response. downplaying the frenzy while mentioning what a formidable frontrunner she would be. >> people just aren't getting ahead of themselves, they're getting ahead of her. it really, 60 days has been the blink of an eye. an a election that is 1,300 days away. >> well the vice president, you know, but i think most democrats feel like it's kind of her turn. >> to that end, carville is now lending his name to the "ready for hillary super-pac." in a fund-raising solicitation yesterday he told potential supporters it isn't worth squat to have the fastest car on the race track if there isn't any gas in the tank. dram
of people were talking about news of hillary clinton's first paid speech since leaving office. we asked people what issues they want to hear her talk about. rita says, protecting the poor and middle class. dana says, "voter i.d. laws" and carol joked, "i don't think hillary needs to say anything with the gop imploding on themselves." more on why hillary has the republicans worried coming up later in the show. >>> but first, we want to hear what you think about it. please head over to facebook and search "politicsnation" and "like" us to join the conversation that goes long after the show ends. a new snack? no way. way. and the worst part is they're delicious. mmm, you're right. maybe we should give other new things a chance. no way. way. [ male announcer ] we've taken 100% whole grain brown rice and wheat, delicious sweet potato, and savory red bean... and woven them into something unexpected. the new brown rice triscuit line; with sweet potato and red bean varieties. a new take on an old favorite. >>> anyone fall for an april fool's joke today? i wasn't about to fall for the one headli
to hear more about whether hillary clinton is going to run for president, do nothing. the media is on it. get ready for more premature prognostication and for democrats to be so focused on 2016 they may forget about 2014 in the process. will youst the wave of adhd drugs and we lost a profoundly influential and deeply progressive man and writer. today is the birthday of former republican senator dick lugar ousted by the tea party for the sin of getting along too well with democrats. maya angelou is 85 years young today and muddy waters would have been 100 years old. we lost dr. king 45 years ago today. thanks for joining us tonight. this is "viewpoint." >> john: i'm john fuglesang and this is "viewpoint." if you've got a child in school, especially a boy and that child is having trouble staying focused, could he or she be suffering from adhd? or has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, to give the ailment its full title an overdiagnosed to the point where millions of children are being treated with powerful stimulants they might not need? according to data from the centers for diseas
and i have worked together on so many important issues. >> there's no woman like hillary clinton. >> highlights from the big event that had hillary clinton and vice president joe biden on the same stage. we'll tell you what else they had to say about each other. ♪ [ instrumental ] [ girl ] when i started playing soccer, i wasn't so good. [ barks ] so me and sadie started practicing. we practiced a lot. now i've got some moves! [ crowd cheering ] spin kick! whoo-hoo! [ giggling ] [ announcer ] we know how important your dog is to your whole family. so help keep him strong and healthy... with the total care nutrition in purina dog chow. because you're not just a family. you're a dog family. i'm your hot water heater. you hardly know i exist. that's too bad. 'cuz if my pressure relief valve gets stuck... [ booooooom! ] ...we hot water heaters can transform into rocket propelled wrecking balls. and if you got the wrong home insurance coverage, it's your bank account that might explode. so get allstate. [ dennis ] good hands. good home. make sure you have the right home protection.
days from the next presidential election. ugh. and former secretary of state hillary clinton gave us one more reason to speculate about a possible run for the white house. campaign carl cameron is in next. shoot. now with the share everything plan from verizon, connect your camera, along with your smartphone and tablet. all your devices connected by one simple plan on the powerful network. record video. connect more. so you can do more. the share everything plan from verizon. add additional devices like the samsung galaxy camera for $5 monthly access. >> shepard: former secretary of state, former first lady hillary clinton marking her first appearance since stepping down as secretary of state. you know what that means time to talk 2016, i know. last night secretary clinton spoke at an awards dinner for women's rights group she founded back in the 1990s. so did vice president joe biden, another possible 2016 contender. >> vice president biden and i have worked together okay so many important issues. one that is particularly close to his heart is the fight against domestic violence and
's not this presidency? >> if it's hillary clinton or chris christie implementing this plan. exactly. exactly. you know, this is you look at what the president did on gun control, right. he went big on gun control and it looks like maybe nothing will pass. or at least maybe it will be some watered-down version of what he wanted. you mention maybe that's what he should have done here. gone bigger, in terms of what progressives wanted to sea and whittled it back. it seems like here you have a president who offers this very centrist proposal and he's slapped down immediately. >> i want to ask you a question, sam. because this, there is you know we're talking about the strategy of maybe he should have set the goal posts further to the left there is an you cover the white house. i think that this administration is loathe to be seen as sort of in ka hoots with the progressive ring of the democrats.cahoots w ring of the democrats. >> it's not like there's necessarily a path from here to there. >> there's no path. this is debating a document that's largely symbolic to begin with and also visions of the country
. >> picture of mom carrying the big trophy walking behind him. coming up, hillary rodham clinton her very first public appearance since leaving office. raise those eyebrows. now what she said and why the speculation she may run for president once again at fever pitch. >> plus, is a new iphone, a new iphone on the way to save me from the cheese on mine. reports say we could get the new gadget by the summer. you're watching "starting point." it's a hawk with night vision goggles. it's marching to the beat of a different drum. and where beauty meets brains. it's big ideas with smaller footprints. and knowing there's always more in the world to see. it's the all-new lincoln mkz. my patients don't know which one to use. i tell them to use the brand i use. oral-b -- the brush originally created by a dentist. trust the brand more dentists and hygienists use. oral-b. and hygienists use. what's the "new" in the new new york?. a new property tax cap... and the lowest middle class income tax rate in 60 years... and a billion dollars in tax breaks and incentives. new opportunities for business. over
. chris: welcome back. hillary clinton gives every indication now that she's going to run for president. and she'll have enormous appeal especially among women, especially monk older women. she could be leading a movement. here's a question for the republicans. do they have anyone that could run against her? it's nobody's turn. there's no john mccain or mitt romney. but there are four talked about guys, all men. chris christie, jeb bush and marco rubio. they're all being talked about for president. is there anything on the other side that would justify excitement by the masses? >> it might be igniting generational politics becauses you would maybe have a younger candidate trying to talk more about the future instead of the accomplishments and the standings of hillary clinton in the past. chris: who would that be? >> if you're looking at a robe yo, i would say paul ryan as the former b.p. nominee. if you're looking at rand paul, actually all of those folks are substantially younger and so they might be trying to connect. if you're talking about a real kind of shakeup to the race. it migh
at the height of the obama-clinton primary battle she jumped into the fray, comparing obama to her father. >> fortunately there is one candidate who offers the same sense of hope and inspiration. >> reporter: a new high profile. >> please welcome caroline kennedy to the podium. >> reporter: led to a brief exploration of running for the senate to replace hillary clinton. elective office not a natural fit for this kennedy. but diplomacy, her grandfather was ambassador to great britain before world war ii. her aunt jean was bill clinton's ambassador to ireland. half a century after her father's assassination with her brother, uncle and mother now gone, caroline kennedy is ready to serve, most likely in japan, a country that loves political names like former vice president walterer mondale. >> sending someone who has such high visibility, almost standing as a kind of celebrity, i think, gives her cache the minute she lands in tokyo. >> reporter: kennedy would have to be confirmed by the senate but experts say she's a lot more qualified than many ambassadors appointed only because of the size
. governor rendell, what do you make of this decision -- you know the clintons pretty well. is this a smart move to basically make moves to avoid being bad candidates? even if you like them like ashley judd? >> well, i like ashley judd, and she would have been a refreshing presence in the senate, but i think it's good that she's not running because what republicans would have done down in kentucky is made her the issue. a hollywood elite. someone who doesn't have any background in government, someone who plays with government. all of that would have been unfair, but it could have been a factor. we want to make the issue mitch mcconnell. the number one obstructionist to getting things done in washington. the guy who said the indefensible statement that our number one priority is making barack obama a one-term president. no, senator, your number one priority was jobs for the american people. you got it wrong and don't deserve to be re-elected. >> you just -- the governor just anticipated my entire closing statement tonight. but that's the whole question. >> sorry. >> how can you defend mcconn
and we're not an honest brokerrer. >> rose: take bill clinton at camp david. any -- >> there are several aspects to the behavior of the president that i think merit discussion in terms of -- >> rose: by the way consubstitution revisionism. >> i know, everybody and his brother-in-law had an opinion on it. the important thing is this, i think. firstly the president was doing in this in the last few months of eight years. >> rose: he was trying for -- he knew it would deliver something -- >> i don't think it's fair to say that. the president had been involved -- >> rose: -- that they made to the whitehouse. >> were they trying to achieve the final agreement that should have been in 1997 according to what president bush senior and secretary baker said when they sent invitations to madrid. no. president clinton for all the thing he tried to do stayed on a track that prevented him from getting the big issues he got to in the very few months last year in august. what he was trying to do was several years too late. no, sir should have taken place four or five years early when ravine was alive.
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